Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hands at Work Family Blogs

Current volunteers (where they're serving, where they're from):

Brooke and Jed Heubner (in SA, from USA)
Jean Aimee Gifford (in USA, from USA)
Kristal Gadsby (in SA, from Canada)
Lynn and Jayme Chotowetz (in SA, from Canada)
Rani and Etienne Beaud and family (in SA, from SA)

Former volunteers (where they served, where they're from):
Alisha Volkman (in Zambia, from Canada)
Bernard and Julia Essmann and family (in SA, from Germany)
Callan Lombaard (in SA, from SA)
Dara Hillstrom (in Mozambique, from USA)
Emily Osborne (in Zambia, from USA)
Hannah Chung (in Mozambique, from USA)
Heather Yourex (in SA, from Canada)
Jon Cheung (in SA, from Australia)
Lacey Shurmer (in SA, from Canada)
Laura Eliason (in Mozambique, from Canada)
Laura Pope (in SA, from Canada)
Lousie Carroll (in SA, from Canada)
Pieter and Liesl Kruger and family (in SA, from SA)


Laura Pope said...

Hi Jed and Brooke,
Just wanted to say that I miss you guys and thank you for taking good care of Marc for all these months. I am so happy you were in Zambia and met lovely James. I am healthy...most of the time...and working lots (not doing much school work, but i think that's normal in university). i'm coming in June and really hope you guys are still there!

Kim said...

How is Buhle? We haven't seen a picture on this blog since she was a tiny puppy. I'd like an update, please (there is a dog that looks like her just outside the internet cafe).

Anonymous said...

Hi Kids!

We continue to enjoy "traveling along with all of you" - quite the adventures! Loved Kim and Mike's pictures of Egypt...Suzi and I saw all those unbelieveable structures...awesome doesn't even begin to describe it!
We miss you all...
Love you. Grandpa and Roberta

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