Thursday, January 17, 2008

I ate 6 mangoes today!

Hi everybody! Jed and I moved this week about 6k up the dirt road to "the farm." It's where most of the Hands @ Work volunteers live. We moved into a one-bedroom apartment across the yard from the main farmhouse. It came with couches, a kitchen table, bedroom furniture, a stove and refrigerator...let me tell you, pretty posh accommodations for Peace Corps volunteers! The day before we moved Hands decided to buy a guard dog for the farm, to try to prevent break-ins, and they asked us to take care of her. So, here she is! I posted a little video to show you how darn cute she is. Her name is Buhle, which is SiSwati for "beauty," but I like to call her Boo or Boo Boo for short. She's a Rottweiler.
We miss you all!
P.S. The title of this blog is a direct quote from Jed yesterday. After he told me that, we had a little talk about the importance of "everything in moderation!" :)

Little Buhle