Thursday, November 26, 2009

Looking for a good book?

I have read so many good books lately. (You can see all of them in the left margin.) But I enjoyed The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls so much I just feel like telling everybody I know. It's a memoir, and the author tells the story of growing up with parents who are odd, neglectful and nomadic, and the tone is incredibly honest. She certainly doesn't waste any time feeling sorry for herself. I'd highly recommend it!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Levy and Prag's Wedding

We celebrated the marriage of two of our Hands at Work family members on November 7th. What a beautiful day! The highlight was listening to their vows. To hear an African man stand in front of 100 people and declare his love and's very counter-cultural and oh so encouraging.

Pragcidence and Levy

George performed the ceremony. Here he is giving communion to Prag.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party changed into more traditional African clothing before the reception and danced in, Zambian style

Me and Jed

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dust for Prints

What have you left your fingerprints on lately? I was listening to a sermon (if you have time click and listen) George Snyman, founder of Hands at Work, gave at Grace Church in Racine, WI last week. He said God has given you a fingerprint. It wasn't the central message of the sermon, but it got me to thinking.

When I think of fingerprints I see images of crime scene investigators with little brushes searching for a print a criminal may have left behind. I also am reminded that fingerprints are unique like snowflakes no two are the same. Investigators are looking for fingerprints because if they can a print they can try to match it to a database of criminals whose fingerprints are saved in computers all over the world.

The term fingerprints these days extends much farther than just an impression left behind from touching something. There are genetic fingerprints (your DNA code), computing fingerprints (uniquely identifying data) and many more. Did you know they can even tell if you are a smoker by your fingerprint? Apparently certain chemicals are secreted by your skin if you are a smoker. If they process the fingerprint a little differently a smokers fingerprint will glow under fluorescent light while a non smokers will stay dark. Crime scene investigators are learning more and discovering new techniques that can tell increasingly more about a person simply by the fingerprints they leave behind.

So the question is what have you left your fingerprints on lately? What story do your fingerprints tell? If someone comes after you and dusts for prints will you be ashamed or proud of what they find? We all have an opportunity daily to leave our fingerprints on something that matters, on something that makes a difference. Ask yourself, where are your fingerprints?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life at the Farm

So we are living up at the farm again. I know this is not new news to many of you, but here are some recent photos mixed in with some old photos!

From Farm

So the last time we lived up here our neighbors had a Jack Russel named Jack. Here is a picture of him playing (terrorizing) Buhle.

From 2009-11
Now we are living up at the farm and again our neighbors have a Jack Russel. This time it is a girl and her name is Joanna. Buhle likes having a companion and only gets really annoyed when we pay ANY attention to Joanna and not Bu.

From 2009-11

Of course some things never change they just get bigger!

The last time we lived up here they had started renovations on the main farm house as well. You can see they came a long way. And no more fence for Bu to get stuck in!

From Puppy

The farm is a great place to live. We love our new neighbors, but we also miss our old! For all of you who have lived up here over the past couple of years just know if there isn't room in the farm house there is always room on our floor!

Monday, November 9, 2009

George in MSP

George, the founder and CEO of Hands at Work, and a great friend of ours here in South Africa, will be in Minneapolis this Thursday (November 12). He'll be meeting with pastors at Hope Church in Apple Valley. That evening, you are all invited to Vision of Glory Lutheran Church in Plymouth at 7pm where George will share about the vision of Hands at Work. He's a captivating story-teller, so we want to encourage you all to go!

If you have questions, you can contact us or another friend of ours who is helping to organize the event, a former Hands at Work volunteer named Dara Hillstrom. You can reach her at 480-272-2742 or