Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Close of Service

Just wanted to give a quick update. Things are going fine in Pretoria, after a few initial hiccups. The PC office was strangely quiet when we arrived at 8:15 on Monday morning. Although we emailed PC a few times before we arrived to touch base about our Close of Service 10-14 Oct, nobody mentioned that Monday was a public holiday in the U.S. so nobody would be there to start our medical checkups and interviews. So, we spent Monday hanging out watching movies and at the mall. It was a little torturous, after running 24/7 for the last few months, to be forced to slow down so suddenly. But this little "break" is probably a good thing, ultimately. I'm generally happy to be working long hours...I consider it a privilege to spend myself on behalf of the most vulnerable, who are so close to God's heart. But this is really a test of whether I truly believe what we've been learning and saying for these last few years, that we are before we do. I know God loves me not for the work that I'm doing but just for being me. I just need some practice in loving myself even when I'm twiddling my thumbs in the waiting room at the PC medical office or taking a walk or visiting with the Australian tourist at breakfast this morning.